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Common Cat Health Problems

If you have just become the proud owner of a cat, you will be surprised to discover that health problems in cats are quite common and can be expected, no matter which breed of cat you choose. However, although some health conditions are hereditary, many others can be easily prevented. Here are details of some of the more frequent cat health problems which you are like to encounter.

Tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms are a common and recurring problem whatever breed of cat you have. If your cat appears not to be gaining any weight, is constantly scratching or has small white dots in his stools, worms are likely to be the cause. Worms need taking care of with medication from your vet as they can turn out to be life-threatening if left untreated.

Hairballs are the most widespread health problem for cats. Cats clean themselves up on a daily basis, and swallow the hair shed from their coats when doing so. This loose hair collects together and forms a ball which can become caught up and stuck in the cats digestive system instead of passing through the body in the normal way. Your cat will cough and splutter and eventually dislodge the hairball without incurring any other health problems. In exceptional cases, the hairball will travel down to the intestine area, and cause a blockage. This then becomes a serious problem and can be fatal if treatment is not received. You will be aware that this has happened when your cat has a dull coat, becomes constipated or simply changes his eating habits and when displaying any of these signs he should be taken to the vets right away. A good way to prevent the situation of hairballs arising is to brush your cat a couple of times each week, removing the loose hair. There are particular brands of cat food on the market which control hairballs too.

Urinary Tract Infection
This is a regular infection within cats, predominantly in male cats that have not been neutered, although females do occasionally suffer from urinary tracts problems as well. When this infection is present your cat will stop using his litter box and his urine will smell unusually strong. A visit to the vets is necessary if you suspect your cat has an infection of this kind. Medicine will be prescribed by your local Mt Pleasant, SC veterinarian and you will receive advice to help combat this condition in the future.

Feline Leukemia
Cat Leukemia has, in the past been the biggest cause of death. Although your cat will not meet with an immediate demise, he is not likely to have a long life-span. Nowadays, vaccines are available to treat this disease and it is best for your cat to be given the shot prior to being exposed. If your cat is unfortunate enough to have Leukemia you should make sure to keep him away from other cats as this disease is highly contagious.

In order to protect you cat make sure you take him to the vet for his regular checks. Although some cat health problems are inevitable, many of them are avoidable. Keeping your cat indoors will protect him from the majority of them but if yours is definitely an outdoor cat keeping him up-to-date with his vaccinations will ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

Both dogs and cats are prone to suffer from ringworm a common skin disease. Despite its name, ringworm has nothing to do with worms. It’s actually caused by a kind of fungus known as a dermophyte. These fungi feed on dead tissue on the surface of the skin, and are related to the fungi that cause athlete’s foot in humans. In ninety-five percent of all feline cases of ringworm, the fungus responsible for the disease is one called M Canis.

Most cats get this disease from objects that have come into contact with another infected animal. These could include bedding, nail or hair clippers, or the animal itself. If there are animals around your house, or in your home that have ringworm, your cat could be the next one to come down with this disease. Kittens or cats less than a year old are the most vulnerable to ringworm, and can easily contract it if allowed outside. Outdoors, there are many different vectors through which your cat could acquire ring worm. It takes a long time for a kitten’s immune system to become reliable enough to fend off this common disease.

Ringworm causes inflammation and itching. In cats, this means that the most common symptoms are rough patches in the coat, or broken hairs. Hair loss around the pays and head also signify ringworm. This disease can also be seen as a scaly patch of skin, surrounded by broken or damaged fur. This area will probably be quite sensitive, and thus should not be touched. If your cat presents any of these symptoms, immediately take them to the vet. Mt Pleasant, SC dog boarding kennels really have to watch out for this. Ringworm isn’t dangerous, but it can be irritating, and can spread to humans.

If your pet is diagnosed with ringworm, he’ll probably prescribe either tablets or topical ointment. Which medicines your cat will take will depend on the seriousness of the ringworm infection. Should your cat need to take a pill, try giving them at meals. Ointment, on the other hand, can simply be applied directly to infected areas. Be sure to continue to administer medication even if symptoms subside early. Otherwise your cat could have symptoms return later. It usually takes around six weeks to clear up a case of ringworm.

Cats that have ringworm can communicate it to other pets and to humans. This means that you should wear gloves when handling your cat until the infection is cleared up, and keep other people, especially children, at a distance. Even though this is a relatively harmless disease, it can spread easily, and the itching from it is annoying. Clearing up a case of ringworm takes a long time. Therefore, it’s best to avoid it entirely.

Symptoms of Feline Diabetes

Every cat owner knows that their pet is able to provide years of love and companionship. However, like other pets, your cat might sometimes become ill. As cats age, they can contract a number of different diseases, one of which is feline diabetes. This disease is serious, and health threatening, although veterinary treatment at your local vet can make a big difference. Humans are more likely to contract diabetes than cats, or most other pets. Diabetes is caused by an imbalance of a sugar glucose in the blood. Normally, blood sugar levels are kept in check by insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas.

Diabetes is the situation in which the pancreas fails to produce enough of this hormone to keep blood sugar levels low. Symptoms of feline diabetes vary by animal and with the severity of the disease. However, if you observe a loss of appetite, thin or patchy coat, or weight loss, there’s a good chance your cat is ill. Combined with symptoms like excessive urination and thirst, feline diabetes is a very real possibility. If your cat empties his or her water dish more frequently, you might want to schedule an appointment with the vet. Although feline diabetes can be kept in check with good treatment, you can’t allow the disease to progress without professional care. Cats who are allowed to suffer untreated will become inactive, begin vomiting routinely, and can enter a coma.

If diabetes is treated promptly, on the other hand, a relatively normal, healthy life can continue. Just remember that treatment is an ongoing process there’s no pill you can give your cat to make this go away. If your cat has feline diabetes, it’s important that he or she be fed at the same time every day, to maintain regular blood sugar. He or she must become an indoor cat, since it’s not possible to monitor what your cat eats if escape to the outside is available. Many cats will also need to receive shots of insulin once or twice per day. Your veterinarian can tell you how to administer insulin, as well as how much to give and how often. Before administering insulin, be sure that your cat has eaten. An insulin injection given on an empty stomach could result in hypoglycemic shock. This can also happen if you give too much insulin. You should endeavor to avoid this at all costs, since hypoglycemic shock can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Always watch your cat for some time after an injection has been administered, and report unusual behavior to the vet immediately. Cats who have been on insulin for a long time can be given a reduced dose. However, they’ll probably never be able to avoid the shot entirely. Insulin injections are what allow a cat with feline diabetes to live long, happy lives.

Veterinarian Horse Calming Supplements

I have always liked horses, but have never had the pleasure of owning one of these fine animals myself. One of my good friends manages a stable, however, so I often bring my kids out there for a few hours of riding. I’m constantly amazed at how calm and pleasant the horses are — especially since I’ve heard some horror stories of how bad it can get when a mare or stallion is easily spooked or excited. My friend said her secret is having a supply of horse calming supplements on hand at all times. As a caution, remember to always seek the advice of your veterinarian before giving your horse anything. After you check with your vet clinic, this is a site with tons of horse products:

horse veterinarianI had no idea that things such as horse calming supplements even existed, but after a more in-depth discussion, I was able to grasp the basics. Most horse calming supplements currently available are 100 percent natural and organic, so it’s not as though the animals are being drugged out of their minds. The most popular products contain ingredients such as raspberry leaves or magnesium, and work naturally to quiet horses down. This is important for riders that want to enter their horses into various equestrian shows, or for sellers looking to show the animal to potential buyers.

Horse calming supplements are also an invaluable aid to people like my friend, who run stables where the animals frequently interact with the public. The last thing anyone in this situation wants is for a bad accident to happen because of nervous or excitable horses.

Of course, horse calming supplements don’t work equally well on every animal. Some horses respond almost immediately, while others seem entirely impervious to the supplement. If your animal isn’t responding, don’t be too quick to give up. It might pay off to experiment with dosages or different brands, as this can sometimes make a difference. Also, the changes might be occurring very slowly and might be very subtle. Some owners report that they didn’t realize the horse calming supplements were working until they stopped the dosage and noticed adverse effects.

These products tend to be quite expensive if you purchase them from regular feed supply stores, so it would probably be smart to check for horse calming supplements online. Practically everything is cheaper when you buy it from the Internet these days. The only thing you have to watch out for is the reputation of the outlet you decide to patronize. Do everything you can to check out what other customers have said about their experiences with the store. This ought to tell you whether you can trust the place or not.

Horses are truly majestic animals that are a lot of fun to be around — especially when they are calm and well-behaved. If you’re having trouble getting your steed to settle down a bit, maybe it’s time to consider purchasing some all-natural horse calming supplements.

Concern about Cat Cancer

Here is a story sent to us about concern for cancer in cats. We hope you enjoy….

No, Cancer Cat isn’t some awareness mascot designed to promote awareness of feline leukemia and the like. Nor is it a YouTube or general internet meme that people watch or play with to while away their days at work.

My veterinarian told me that cancer cat is a search term, often googled since cats are tragically susceptible to multiple forms of deadly cancer. If you have a cat, you know how attached people can get to the little buggers. One of the reasons animal hospital and vet clinics have are so popular with pet owners is that they understand precisely what their dogs, cats and customers are wanting. If you have a cat with cancer, you know that heartbreak of watching an animal you love suffer and, eventually, die.

I have two cats, and every time I walk by the ASPCA animal hospital or another pet shelter I almost walk home with a third. I’d never had any pets before I lived in New York, but a few years ago my girlfriend strenuously demanded that we add to our family.

So we went to the ASPCA hospital and looked for a new kitten for a pet. Unfortunately at the time, but fortunately in hindsight, we went right after Christmas. As a result, there were no kittens to be found. So we went uptown to a kill shelter (didn’t want to, but my girlfriend was in a bad way at work and needed a kitty to cheer her up) to look for a kitten to adopt. They had just one, a feral black male kitten who was frightened to death of people. We knew we could handle him, but we wanted a cat that wouldn’t run away at the first sound. While we were debating, we went into the “cat” room – separate from the kitten room – and met our future daughter, who I christened “Wonton.” She was the sweetest, prettiest calico you ever saw. As my girlfriend and I were debating whether or not to adopt the black kitten or wait a week for new arrivals, Wonton kept meowing and licking my girlfriend’s hand as she scratched her head.

calico cat

Our Calico Cat

After about thirty seconds we both realized we’d fallen in love with this cat. So instead of waiting for a kitten and we envisioned, we took home a two year old that recently had a litter. It was not what we expected.

Wonton, now six, got herself a little sister a couple of years later. We actually got her the kitten, since she’s so damn playful that we couldn’t keep up. The two of them today tear around our apartment like demons, pounce us in the middle of the night, and generally fill our lives with every bit of joy that one could ever hope for from a pet.

Luckily both have been healthy. No cancer cat here, but we’re always aware of the symptoms. If you have a pet, check out or the like, or go to the ASPCA and get some pamphlets, so that you can keep your family healthy and happy.

Dog Vomiting

What should I do if my dog is vomiting?

In man, the symptoms of a disease may be easy to identify than in animals. This is enhanced by the ability to use verbal communication or the non-verbal like clenching the fists or holding the part of the body that is in pain. For animals, it is only a keen pet owner who can sense that something is wrong. Some of the signs include watery stool, shedding fur, a running nose and if the pet sleeps dog vomitingall day. When the vet gets dog vomiting questions like, I want to know why my dog is vomiting, the first thing he or she does is to get to the cause of the condition. Some of the causes are more severe while others are things the pet owner should handle effectively to avoid reoccurrence. This queasy condition may be caused by giving the animal food it is not accustomed to. It can also occur if the pet has the habit of chewing things or straying in the compound. Ingested substances that are not fit for consumption will give the pet owner frequent visits to the vet saying my dog is vomiting. In many cases, pets will behave differently during kennel boarding. Their schedule and diet is changed and this may be the cause. Dog boarding kennels are familiar with this and generally will medicate lightly and change the diet to the most bland pet food available. A full explanation will be provided to the pet owner upon pick up of their pet.

Other serious causes include gastritis, eating quickly, production of excess bile and having obstructions in the intestines. If the situation is out of control, the pet owner should rush to the vet, but some of the situations can be handled at home. The easiest of these remedies is to avoid giving the pet food for a couple of hours (two to three) so that the digestive system can pick up. Sometimes, depending with the severity of the condition, the pet should stay without food for twenty four hours. When the pet resumes eating, you can reduce the portions considerably because the system is not fully active and can induce another bout of queasiness. The meal can be home-made using rice broth and make sure it does not have salt. You can also make some soup of any kind but without the onion. This will be easy for the pet. You can also give it some water.

It is important to keep the pet hydrated throughout the episode, and this means giving plenty of water to assist in rehydration. The pet should not go back to the solid foods quickly, but if you notice the condition has improved, you can boil some chicken for it in three days time. If the situation was caused by eating quickly, the solution might be in controlling the rations and making sure they are regular so that the pet is not so hungry that it ends up eating quickly. For the more serious cases, only a medical examination can help. As soon as you are troubled, you need to see a vet. He or she will conduct the physical examination like feeling the pet’s stomach. If the situation is worse, scans will be conducted. But before all these, it is important for you to find the cause. For instance, my dog is vomiting because it has swallowed a toy, it has intestinal irritation, it has worms or worse, it has stomach cancer.

Puppy Adoption Vet Advice

Are You Ready To Adopt A Puppy?

A dog is generally a great addition to any family. Puppies are a lot of fun, and as they grow dogs turn into faithful and important members of any family. As great as a dog can be, you have to think about a few things before you adopt a puppy. You may not be as ready as you think you are. There are times in life when it is a great idea, and other times when you may want to put it off for a while. Puppies are a lot like babies and they need a lot of attention. You have to make sure you have the time to give them what they need. If not, you should definitely wait a little while before you adopt.

puppy adoption

Puppy Adoption

If you are expecting a baby in your home, it might be a good time to put off the idea to adopt a puppy. A new puppy will need to be trained to go outside to go to the bathroom, and they will also need to learn to be with your new family. They have a lot to learn, and in a way, it is like bringing a new baby into the home. If you already have a human baby on the way, it might not be the best time to bring home a puppy that needs as much attention as an infant in the beginning.

You do not want to adopt a puppy if you are going to be moving soon. You can not do anything about it if the need to move pops up after you adopt, but if you are going to move in the next year, you want to wait to bring a new puppy into your family. They are going to get use to where you are and they will think of that place as home. If you uproot them just as they are use to where you currently live, you may have to start all over again with some of the training. Wait until you are safely in your new home before you bring home a puppy.

When you adopt a puppy, you may be thinking about the adult dog that puppy will be one day and not the baby it is when it comes home with you. If you have no children, but both work long hours, a puppy is not a good idea at the time. You can not leave a puppy alone for long periods of time when they are young. When they are older it may be okay if you have a dog walker to come be with them once a day, but it is just not the right situation for puppy. Wait until you have more time, or think about adopting an older dog that does not need as much time to learn and adjust to your home.

You will be asked quite a few questions when you want to adopt a puppy, even if you are convinced that it is the right time in your life. They ask these questions to make sure the pups are going to go homes that will not abuse them. They also want to know that you are in a good place and have time for the dog, and also that the placement is good for not only the puppy but for your entire family. Some pups are not good with kids and others are. These are all things that need consideration so be truthful when you are questioned so you get the best fit possible.

adopt puppy

Which dog to adopt?